You will receive a reply within 1-2 business days. Read FAQ.

Looking to book with Paige?

Aside from the information needed in the booking form, please ensure you also send the below requirements:

1. Reference photos with what you are looking to get tattooed + any changes you'd like to make to the reference photo(s)* 

2. A photo of the location (your actual body part) of where you want your tattoo. Please have someone else take this photo of you to prevent distortion!*

3. A non-refundable deposit:

hand-sized tattoos: $100

less than a half sleeve: $200

full sleeves, back pieces, etc: $300

(this can be made when a date has been decided)


4. When filling out your preferred dates, please note that Fridays are reserved for consultations and walk-ins only -- no booked appointments. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are booked appointments only. 


5. Anything else you want us to know!


* 1 & 2 can be done after our first reply to you, as you cannot attach photos to our booking form

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